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Akanksha calls up Chaitanya to inform him that she will be late but her husband understands her before she even utters a word. Meanwhile, Maya and Tanya are on their way back home and Tanya gets upset with Maya for getting her drunk. Next morning, Dev lovingly wakes up Tanya and praises her as he goes through her photographs of the previous night. Akanksha learns that Chaitanya is ready with a new novel but she gets furious when she reads what he has written. Realizing that Chaitanya has written an adult novel, Akanksha tries to stop him from publishing such a novel but Chaitanya decides to continue with his meeting. Watch the entire episode of Queen Hai Hum to know what happens next.

Queens Hain Hum 4

Queens Hain Hum 4 - Promo

Queens Hain Hum 5

Queens Hain Hum 5 - Promo

Queens Hain Hum 6

Queens Hain Hum 6 - Promo

Queens Hain Hum 7

Queens Hain Hum 7 - Promo

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