5 Reasons Why John Abraham’s Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran Makes For A Riveting Watch

The movie is based on India’s epoch-making and literally earth-shattering feat of conducting a nuclear test in 1998 in Rajasthan’s Pokhran area.

A still from Parmanu The Story of Pokhran

In my school days, I remember how we used to joke about history as his-story – not ours, somebody else’s. So that we won’t have to bother ourselves (me and my classmates) mugging up the eras, the significant dates and Before Christ – After Christ incidents. Little did I have an idea that the episodes I was once made to remember in my deep sleep would be the glorious chapters of our country’s past that have been long forgotten like our not-so-funny little joke. John Abraham‘s Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran is one such memory written off, in the most magnanimous way of course.

The movie is based on India’s epoch-making and literally earth-shattering achievement of conducting a nuclear test in 1998 in Rajasthan’s Pokhran area – an arid stretch of the Thar desert. Parmanu is exactly how this nation was inducted in the Big 5 and shaped itself as a nuclear state. Keepers of national heritage and history are bound to love this two-hour watch. But if you are still not convinced, we give you five reasons why the Abhishek Sharma directorial should be on your weekend binge list!

1. John plunges back in action

John Abraham from Parmanu
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John Abraham as Ashwat Raina is more than just a beefed-up intelligence officer. Now, we all know that John has a reputation for packing powerful punches and knocking down his screen enemies in the most macho manner, but Parmanu brings out the side to him which also brings forth his intellect to the forefront besides the toned-down but smart persona.

2. Diana Penty and other supporting cast members

Diana Penty as Ambalika from Parmanu
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Three-films-old Diana Penty has been enjoying her pace in the industry. After playing the simpleton Meera in Cocktail to the vivacious Happy in Happy Bhag Jayegi ­– the model-turned-actress has been acing one role at a time. Her role of Ambalika Bandyopadhyay – a no-nonsense officer with a sense of humour (in her daily passwords) is quite a treat.

3. A riveting story that every Indian ought to know

John Abraham Diana Penty in a scene from Parmanu
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The biggest brownie point is scored for the script itself. The tightly bound draft is filled with the right amount of information, secrets we didn’t know were kept and sirens we never knew were there to blow. Revisiting this chapter of our history book through Parmanu has truly been an enriching experience, a cinematic wonder.

4. The wave of patriotism

The star cast of Parmanu
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Earlier in 2018, Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal enjoyed a triumphant run at the box office with their spy thriller Raazi based on Harinder Sikka’s 2008 novel Calling Sehmat, a true account of an Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent. Cashing on the trend is Abhishek Sharma who has perfectly translated this golden hour of our memories on celluloid.

5. John as a producer

John Abraham in a scene from Parmanu
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Be it Vicky Donor or Madras Café – John has cemented his position as a producer deep into the sandbag here. Keeping the quality of the content intact, the actor-producer delivers commercially viable and successful films and Parmanu is another feather on his crowded hat.

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