9 Out Of 10 Top Movies In The Bengali Movie Market Are From Zee Bangla Cinema!

Zee Bangla Cinema has another feather in its cap! It got ranked highest in terms of delivering the top 10 movies in the Bengal movie market.

Zee Bangla Cinema
Everyone loves movies. Be it happy or sad, horrifying or thrilling – people thrive in films, rushing to cinema halls to catch the latest flicks, or to curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and turn every night into movie night!

We love the cornucopia of emotions, the roller-coaster of sentiments that movies promise us, with intricate plots and twists! At Zee Bangla Cinema, we set out to showcase some really spectacular movies to our audience, and ended up with yet another feather in our cap. We got ranked highest in terms of delivering the top 10 movies in the month of December in the Bengali movie market.

Needless to say, we are ecstatic with this milestone. It makes us feel really proud to have been able to tug at our audiences’ heartstrings with some stellar films, and rise above the competition in the process, with our sights set on even greater milestones to come.

Report By: Swarnojit Sengupta
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